COPPERANT YCOLEUM PLUS is a ready for use paint based on alkyd resins, having good moisturizing and water-repellent properties. This results in a sustainable

wood protection. Copperant Ycoleum Plus can be applied quickly and easily, primer and finishes out of one can. Can be applied on various surfaces such as sidings, wooden windowframes, entrances, doors. For both interior and exterior and outdoor use.



Stir well. The substrate must be clean, dry and free of grease. Copperant ECO-Clean can be used. Copperant Ycoleum Plus can be applied with brush or roller at a temperature between 10 and 25ºC.

Untreated wood: 3 coatlayers. For each surface treatment light sanding has to be done.

Maintenance: Remove loose paint parts. Surface cleaning, sanding and remove dust, then 1 or 2 layers can be applied. In between (light) sanding and dust removal. Bare shares need an extra treatment.

Clean tools with Copperant Solvent or white spirit ( turpentine).


Coverage:                     approx 10 m2/litre


At 20 º C

Dust free: After about 4 hours.

Recoat: After about 12 hours.


(Safety information)

Contains methyl ethyl ketoxime. May cause an allergic reaction.

EU-limit for this product( A/d): 300g/l(2010). This product contains max 300g/l VOC.