Thank you for visiting our web site, we would like to take this oportunity to introduce ourselves.

Farball Coatings BV. Holland

Farball Coatings in the Netherlands have been producing fine quality paints and woodstains at their Etten Leur Factory since 1954. They produce moisture vapour permeable, translucent and opaque coatings in almost any colour and are able to offer the most up to date paint technology in both water based and solvent based paints, vanishes, lacquers and woodstains. They are a well established company with an excellent reputation for high quality products, and as such are rapidly expanding their markets around the world. Click here to visit their website.

Farball Coatings (UK) Ltd

Farball Coatings (UK) in partnership with a chain of independent UK Stockists is expanding access to Farball products across the United Kingdom. We feel that the superb quality of Farball products will have a tremendous impact on the British woodstain market. So much so that the name Farball may well become synonymous with woodstains. Just like Hoover and the Vacuum cleaner, people in future won't just say "Let's stain it" they'll say "Let's Farball it".To us in Britain the word Farball may seem a little strange. It is in fact a mixture of German and English. The founder of Farball Coatings. Holland. Mr Van Der Stap, made finding a name for the company the subject of a competition among his children.The name Farball that was eventually chosen is from the German Farb, which means colours or paints and the English word all, which of course means exactly what it says, all.   Hence Farball - All Colours/All Paints.

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